About Us

What is Topi Time?

If you say Topi (TOH-pee) in Malay, Urdu, Punjabi and even more languages you'd be saying, hat! So basically, Topi Time is hat time! Topi Time is about being protected, stylish and fun while caring for the environment.  

How is Topi Time environmentally friendly?

For every hat sold, $1.50 is donated to planting native forests in Australia and New Zealand, offsetting 100kg of carbon per donation. This is made possible by the not-for-profit environmental organisation, Greenfleet, who are committed to protecting our climate by restoring Australia's natural wildlife.   
All of our hats are made in Melbourne with sustainably sourced fabrics, ranging from deadstock to repurposed curtains and towels. By using materials that already exist on the planet there is less energy wasted creating new resources and the materials are guaranteed a new life with Topi Time. Only our 100% cotton thread, 100% cotton heading tape, 100% organic cotton labels and foam brims are purchased new for the production of our hats.
Everything you find in our packaging can be composted or turned into something new. In your delivery you will find a Heropack compostable mailer, compostable tape, recycled paper wrapping tissue, recycled paper postage labels and a seeded thank you card that you can plant to grow chamomile!
All fabric, thread and foam scraps find a way to be repurposed via our Trash Treasures creations or as stuffing for cushions at Topi Time headquarters.

Made to order

Most of our hats are made to order and it will take 3-5 days for orders to be fulfilled. A notification will be sent when your hat is made and ready to be shipped! Some of our products made from upcycled or second-hand materials are pre-made if they can only produce a very limited quantity of that style. The sizes available for these pieces may vary and cannot be altered.

Who makes the hats?

All of Topi Time's hats are made in Melbourne by me, Rhian, a one woman hat making machine and the founder of Topi Time! I'm a self taught sewer-made-milliner who's always been super passionate about finding new ways to make fashion better for the planet. Op Shopping and Upcycling have taught me that valuable treasures can be found everywhere, you just need to show them a little love and time.